Cardiology Cardiac Monitor with Multi Parameters
ECG Machine 3,6,12 Channels
Pulse Oximeter with or without wave form
BP Cuff,Patient Cables,Spo2 Probes compatible for any type of monitor.
Gynecology Fetal Dopples with FHR Display
Fetal Monitors
Laproscopy surgery system
Ultrasound Transducer disinfectant wipes
Ultrasound Gel Imported European
Peadiatric Blood Warmer
Syringe /Infusion Pumps
Infant Warming System
General Surgery Diathermy Units
Suction Machine
All types of Surgery Instruments
Disposable Items For Operation Theater:
1-The world`s first Surgical Clipper with twistable  shaving head!
2- High visibility, Anti-reflective & anti-fogging.
3-Shoes Cover Machine with disposibles
High Level surface and Instrument Disinfectants
Hand Disinfectant
Air Decontimination  System
Video Laryngoscope
Anesthesia Consumables
Syringe /Infusion Pumps
CSSD Chemicals Steam Sterilizers and its related Consumables
1-Steam Indicators
2-Autoclave Tape
OT Clogs
Hospital Furniture Imported and Local
Ortho and Spine POP Cutter
Orthoshaver with blades
Misc Equipments Syringe Destroyer
Anti Decubitus Air Matress
Pulse oximeter
Oxygen Concentrator
Air Decontimination system Uk
Radiology Accessories Lead Apron all sizes